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Innocent when you dream...

Lem's Journal

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Hello everyone and welcome.

This is my journal. I'm Lem and perhaps you found your way here from Deviantart or fandom XD or whatever.

Fanart. Do I need to say more? Ok, I'm just doing it alot.

final warning: IM NOT AN NATIVE ENGLISH SPEAKER (but I give my best and I learn constantly) - so it happens that i mess up stuff. Cheers!

Ps: I don't think slash is a crime

originally this account was created to share the squee with the other musers <--- aka fans of the great british rockband MUSE! But actually this journal bacame more than that, a place to meet people.

If you like, you can friend me. I'm actually pretty friendly and openminded, I like to chat a lot about this and that. =)

Love, Lem
additional: I'm not the biggest Slash fan but I dont think its a crime now and then yuo'll find slashy contents in my journal. If you don't like, better skip this place.